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【一】:South Korea 介绍国家英语作文——韩国

South Korea is an emerging developing country. It includes six major cities, Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Inchon and Ulsan. Seoul is the capital. And it is the biggest city in South Korea.

South Korea has an area of 99600 square kilometers. It is surrounded by sea on three sides. However, South Korea accounts for only about 30 percent of the total area of plain.

South Korea has 9 World Heritage sites and 1 World Natural Heritage. Jeju Island is the most famous place. This island has beach, waterfall, green trees and other natural scenery. It is really beautiful.

Korean cannot eat meals without pickled cabbage. Korean traditional dishes are

pork, pickled cabbage, and cold noodle. They have to become world famous dishes.



South Korean capital city Seoul, not only Korea political, economic, cultural and educational center, but also the national by land, sea and air transport hub. Seoul is the world's 10th largest city, This city with wonderful way to blend the ancient and modern culture. Spirited crowd , the stunning natural landscape, long history and culture. Seoul everywhere have exciting scene, whether it is elegant and splendid palace ruins, still immersed in the embrace of nature, the whole journey will leave visitors a vivid impression and novel experience.www.mwopus.com_介绍首尔的英文作文。


Lotte World is an entertainment in downtown, it have thrilling entertainment facilities, ice-skating rink, a variety of performances, folk museum, in addition you can also take a walk along the lake. Of visitors come here each year up to more than 600 million people, including foreign tourists accounted for 10%. Originality of natural sunlight, making it can receive the traveller every day.

N首尔塔位于首尔市的南山,高236.7米,建于1975年,是韩国著名的观光点也是首尔的象征,是欣赏首尔夜景最好的景点。每晚7点至12点,还有6支探照灯在天空中拼出鲜花盛开的图案。 著名的泰迪熊之家也位于南山上,首尔塔旁边。


N Seoul Tower in Seoul, Nanshan, 236.7 meters high, was built in 1975, It’s a famous tourist spot where the best attractions to enjoy the night view of Seoul an is also a symbol of Seoul. From 7:00 to 12:00, there are six searchlights in the sky spell out the pattern of flowers in full bloom. And the famous Teddy's home is also located in the Nanshan, next to Seoul Tower.



Cheong Wa Dae is a South Korean presidential office, located in the northern part of western Seoul, South Korea's political center. The most notable characteristic of Cheong Wa Dae is the Celadon .All buildings are built in accordance with the traditional Korean architecture. The right side of the main building is the place where President met with reporters. The left side of the main building is used to receiving foreign dignitaries.


Everland is a Theme parks in the outskirts of Seoul. Everland is made of Festival World, Caribbean Bay and Speedway three parts. The Festival World have more than 40 kinds of recreational facilities and a comprehensive wildlife park, As different seasonal Festival World will conduct a series of celebration activities.And Caribbean Bay is an exotic waterpark..

明洞位于首尔市中心,是韩国代表性的购物街,不仅可以购物,而银行和证券公司云集在此。在明洞,也有许多美味的食物,好玩的东西。明洞最有名的食品是炸猪扒和刀削面。此外,明洞还有很多美容店,影剧院等其他设施,方便旅客。 你一定要去的地方就是明洞教堂,这里是第一次在韩国的天主教教堂。

Myeongdong is located in central Seoul, are Korea representative of the shopping street, it’s not only a simple shopping street, while banks and securities companies gathered in this. In Myeongdong, there also have many delicious food and fun things. Myeong-dong's most famous food is fried pork chop and sliced noodles. In addition, Myeong-dong have many beauty shops, theaters and other facilities for visitors. And the place you must visit is the Myeongdong church. Here is the first Catholic church in South Korea.




  I was graduated from xx xx college graduates, I have a bright and cheerful disposition, treat people sincerely, treat serious and responsible work, good at communication, coordination has the strong organization ability and team spirit; Lively and cheerful, optimistic and aspirant, has the compassion and good at teaching parallel; Self-motivated, diligently study can improve their ability and comprehensive quality. In future work, I will be with abundant energy, studies assiduously the spirit to work hard, steadily improve their ability to work, and the company synchronous development.

  Strong self-learning ability, self-study at school a lot of computer knowledge, can skilled assembling computer, know the computer maintenance, familiar with Windows, office software, familiar with the interne resources. Auto cad ps/" target = "_blank" software such as photoshop; Will be written in c language program in general.

  Solid professional knowledge, have positive work attitude, ability to work independently, and vastly team spirit, has the good cultural quality at the same time; Endowed with initiative, good people management and communication and coordination ability.

  I am strong adaptability, a strong sense of responsibility, hard-working unremittingly, and have good team spirit. After engaged in service industry, the assistant job, accumulated the rich service industry and management experience and excellent verbal and written communication skills. Able to skillfully operate word office software and equipment, in order to fit for the demand of the modern office, please give me a chance, I will also you to dazzling brilliance.

  Treat serious and responsible work, good at communication, coordination has the strong organization ability and team spirit; Lively and cheerful, optimistic and aspirant, has the compassion and good at teaching parallel; Self-motivated, diligently study can improve their ability and comprehensive quality. In future work, I will be with abundant energy, studies assiduously the spirit to work hard, steadily improve their ability to work. In the four years of work, in order to prudent working style, positive work attitude seriously, carefully to complete the job. I work steadfast, hard work, if lucky enough to be hired I will try my best to create benefits for your organization, to reflect their own ability and value.


  自学能力很强,在校自学了很多计算机知识,能熟练组装计算机,懂得计算机的维护,熟练操作windows、office办公软件,熟悉interne资源。会auto cad ps/' target='_blank'photoshop等软件;会用c语言编写一般程序。



  对待工作认真负责,善于沟通、协调有较强的组织能力与团队精神;活泼开朗、乐观上进、有爱心并善于施教并行;上进心强、勤于学习能不断提高自身的能力与综合素质。在未来的工作中,我将以充沛的精力,刻苦钻研的精神来努力工作,稳定地提高自己的工作能力。 在4年的工作中,以谨慎的工作作风,认真积极的工作态度,细心完成本职工作。本人工作踏实,刻苦耐劳,如有幸被录用我将会竭尽全力为贵单位创造效益,以尽情体现自身能力和价值。


  I had accept your elders and teachers of good ideological and moral education, strict with oneself, honest, hard working, be self-motivated, constantly in the university three years, after college half militarization management, make oneself become more strong. As a computer professional students, I love this professional and for its input great enthusiasm and energy.

  I thought positive progress, the personality is bright, the life style of rigorous, a strong sense of responsibility, handle affairs composed, persistence, can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong adaptability, have good psychological quality. I motivated actively seek, love the motherland, support the communist party of China, to the party organization actively, aligning with our great communist party of China. I still adhere to the four cardinal principles and reform and opening up policy, concerned, the state and society has a strong spirit of patriotism. Earnestly implement the school is rigorous, realistic, united, into the school motto, study the spirit of lei feng to help others, actively join some compulsory activity and insist on doing good to the society.

  In study, I study purpose, basic knowledge, and strive to achieve the balanced development of various aspects, in the process of learning, I pay attention to integrating theory with practice, although the practice is not enough, but I will strive to increase in the later work and study. In life, I am strict with myself, life is simple, life style is rigorous, take an active part in all kinds of beneficial social activities and carefully into the school organization activities, eager to participate in class activities.

  Love of learning, work sedate careful, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can work independently, reality get to work the ability and also has the group are synergetic spirit, have good professional ethics and sense of responsibility, can quickly adapt to various environment, and fuses. Accept ability is good, strong self-learning ability, good interpersonal relationship, this is my biggest advantage, it makes me can quickly learn what they need, and the application. Loves a challenge, confident, have the stronger team consciousness.


  本人思想积极上进,性格开朗,生活作风严谨,责任心强,办事沉稳、执着,能吃苦耐劳,适应性强,具有良好的心理素质。 本人积极要求上进,热爱祖国,拥护中国共产党,积极向党的组织靠拢,向我们伟大的中国共产党看齐。本人还坚持党的四项基本原则和改革开放政策、关心国家和社会的大事,具有很强的爱国主义精神。认真贯彻学校严谨,求实,团结,进去的校训,学习雷锋助人为乐的精神,积极加入一些义务活动并坚持到社会上做好事。

  学习上,本人学习目的明确,基础知识扎实,并努力做到各方面的均衡发展,在学习过程中,我注重理论与实际相结合,虽然实践不够,但是我定会在以后的工作和学习中努力增加. 生活上,本人严格要求自己,生活朴素,生活作风严谨,积极参加各种有益的社会活动,认真投入到学校的各项组织活动中,踊跃参加班集体活动。

  热爱学习,办事稳重谨慎,能吃苦耐劳,能独立完成工作、实际动手能力另外还具有团体协作精神,具有优秀的职业道德和责任感,能迅速的适应各种环境,并融合其中。 接受能力好,自学能力强,人际关系优良这是我最大的优点,它使我可以迅速的学到自己所需要的知识,并加以应用。喜欢挑战,自信,有较强的团队意识。


  Hi, everybody! My name is XXX, this year 19 years old, is a Gemini girls. X class from electronic engineering department of automation.

  By face to face with self adjusting post match, let me know more about myself. About my character: I am friendly, serious, responsible, loyal to their duties, have the sense of responsibility. Principle of life is to be honest, other people can be honest with you. So the heavy friendship, attaches great importance to the relationship with friends. I ready to help others. Easy-going personality, willing to get along with people. Want to be a popular person. Social adaptation ability. Sensitive to interpersonal relationship, the people, to the thing, and better insight on the surrounding environment. I like to like to listen to, also like the pragmatic. With the spirit of perseverance, as long as I think I should do, no matter how difficult it will be to do. I do have very strong principle and flexible, respect the agreement. Is a standard Gemini girl like to stay in a quiet place to study work and life. Although I sometimes have a strong emotional reaction, but usually reluctant to personal feelings. My interests: my hobby is reading literature books, like the fable story, like detective fiction, but sometimes obsession and harm the eyes. The pursuit of nature, like to study in play in the way of life. Love ancient buildings, like that has a sense of place. I have very strong curiosity to new things, and study on things you don't understand, have stronger ability to learn. I like the pragmatic, the pursuit of specific and clear. Rational thinking like according to actual situation. Pay attention to the details of things, like judging from the details. Skills: I have the ability to learn, because I am from vocational schools on me than my classmates many mastered the basic mechanical principle, mechanical manufacturing technology, mechanical manufacturing base,

  Mechanical drawing (including the basis of CAD application), literature common sense, and so on. Motor coordination ability strong, the incident response his swift, have very strong right control. Can move hand is strong, for small things quickly and have the right. In other ways, language expression ability is stronger, good at communication with people.

www.mwopus.com_介绍首尔的英文作文。   I think the primary task of college students is to learn cultural knowledge, therefore I steadfastly, in the study did not relax. I think a good method of study is very helpful to learn knowledge, so after each test, I will summarize the learning experience. No pains no pains, no gains, nothing is impossible. Good optical knowledge on book is not enough. I think learning is the student's profession, the profession also needs to have the wisdom, perseverance and perseverance. In today's rapid development of information age, we only by constantly learning new knowledge, don't fall behind. College, rich and colorful social life and sleek and nervous learning atmosphere, I got many different levels of exercise and test; The attitude of calm and calm is my respond. The hobby is widespread makes me very enrichment; So many friends that I feel rich! I very strong dedication and sense of responsibility that I can face any difficulties and challenges.

  Thank you for your attention




  我觉得大学生的首要任务还是学好文化知识,所以在学习上我踏踏实实,一点也不放松。我认为好的学习方法对学好知识很有帮助,所以在每次考试后,我都会总结一下学习经验。一份耕耘一分收获,没有什么事是不可能的。光学好书本上的知识是远远不够的。我认为学习是学生的职业,这份职业同样需要有智慧、毅力和恒心。在当今这个快速发展的信息时代,我们只有不断汲取新知识,才不会落伍。 大学里,丰富多彩的社会生活和井然有序而又紧张的学习气氛,使我得到多方面不同程度的锻炼和考验;沉着和冷静是我遇事的态度;爱好广泛使我非常充实;众多的朋友使我倍感富有!我很强的事业心和责任感使我能够面对任何困难和挑战。





  Name: Mr.

  Nationality: China

  The current location: Guangzhou National: Han

  Residence: Guangdong Province is: 167 cm kg

  Marital status: single age: 27

  Job search intention and work experience

  The type of talent: ordinary job

  Job: Business / management / Planning: Engineering Manager / Supervisor, equipment manager / Supervisor industrial / factory QC Manager / Supervisor

  Work experience: 3 Title: primary

  Job type: full-time date available: at any time

  Salary: Negotiable hope work area requirements: Guangdong Province

  Personal experience: 2004.4- Shenzhen south too Shicheng Electronic Quality Engineer

  Shicheng electronic for Hong Kong enterprises, in 2005, Shenzhen export 5 strong enterprises, concrete products are mobile phone, LCD, BACKIGHT, FPC as the QA engineer see specific skills.

  2003.7-2004.7 Foshan pulihua Technology Quality Engineer

  Foshan pulihua camera camera factory city -- the world's largest, land area of 120000 square meters. As QA engineer, see the specific skills.

  Education background

www.mwopus.com_介绍首尔的英文作文。  University one is graduated from: Guangdong University of Technology

  The highest degree: bachelor graduation date: 2003-07-01

  Specialty: automation professional school two:

  Education training experience: 1999.9-2003.7 automation of Guangdong University of Technology undergraduate

  ISO900014000 certificate and Enlightenment of 2004.9-2004.9 company

  2003.11-2003.11 Guangdong Institute of Metrology general measuring tools, multimeter, qualification certificate

  2003.9-2003.6 is now the Ministry of information industry electronic measurement MSAA "measurement system analysis, write" qualification certificate Lab Manual

  Language ability

  Foreign language: good English

  Chinese: good Cantonese level: General

  A self assessment

  Computer hardware is serious.

  Skilled use of OFFICE tools to deal with office affairs;

  Familiar with the operation and maintenance of WINDOWS operating system.


  Jason Bond

  FOT 1011

  1209 2nd Avenue south

  Birmingham, AL 35294

  Telephone No: 205-592-1019

  Email id: bondjason@gmail.com


  Sept 1980 - Dec 1982

  Masters of Architecture

  ABC University (Oakland, California)

  Fall 'Plan Off' competition winner

  Graduated with honors

  Sept 1975 - June 1979

  Bachelor of Environmental Design

  XYZ University (Brighton, New York)


  Student Body President

  New York Future Architect Association (Clinton, New York)


  March 1990 – present

  Staff Architect

  ABC & Son Engineers, (Buffalo, New York)

  Residential and commercial design, site inspections, working drawings, MiniCad, renderings.

  September 1984 - February 1990

  Architectural Assistant

  XX & XX Associates (Los Angeles, California)

  Model preparation, preliminary design, AutoCAD.

  January 1983 - August 1984

  Architectural Assistant

  XYZ Engineering (San Jose, California)

  Responsible for all phases of project planning and design from initial site visit to as built and drafting.

  Additional Skills

  Computers & Internet

  Comfortable in IBM / clone or Mac environments.

  Extensive use of Microsoft Office Suite and web design software.

  Developed personal and several other web pages.

  Knowledge of computer networking that includes prior work with Microsoft NT 4.0 and Novell 3.12, 4.0.


  Basic material

  Name lady

  Sexual don't: female

  Date of birth: June

  Living in the land: Beijing

  Job profile/job objective

  Position type: full-time

  Expected monthly salary: negotiable

  Expected location: Beijing

  Expected position: financial class tax class

  Education experience

  Time college degree

  September 2008 - July 2012 capital economic and trade university tax undergraduate course

  Working experience/social practice experience

  Time work position

  In June, 2011 - Siemens (China) co., LTD., tax consulting assistant

  Campus reward

  Get time to obtain award school

  November 2007 national scholarship capital economic and trade university institute of finance and tax

  In December 2007 the capital economic and trade university first people's scholarship capital economic and trade university institute of finance and tax